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How We work

Propelling yourSuccess

We exist to make Tampa Bay a prime destination for diverse startup talent to make an impact—professionally and personally.

Our success is measured by the success of your startup—propelling progress as you build and develop strong businesses, teams and connections in the Tampa–St. Pete region and beyond.


Stay tuned for updates as we build out our space and prepare to launch.

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Forward Thinking Founders

SaLisa Berrien, COI Energy Services

A platform that enables customers to monetize their renewable energy resources by buying and selling energy back to the grid.
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Forward Thinking Founders

Michael O'Rourke, Pocket Network

A platform that makes it easy for every developer to interact with any blockchain.
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Forward Thinking Founders

Bobby Quinn, Raven Spatial

A geospatial intelligence company specializing in crowdsourced drone and smartphone imagery collection.
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