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A Call to Open Opportunities


Open Opportunities: We believe entrepreneurship is a great equalizer. We strive to open doors for our entrepreneurs by fostering an inclusive and collaborative community where founders with high-impact ideas, discipline, and drive are supported in transforming their vision into reality.

"Open Opportunities" is one of four core organizational values for Embarc Collective. What connects the individuals of our team is that we all are passionate that entrepreneurship gives us the opportunity to solve the world's most pressing issues.

With systemic inequities in society becoming increasingly apparent following the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbrey and Breonna Taylor, our awareness of problems to solve is even more pronounced.

We don't have a clear plan of action to share—there are many layers, history, dynamics. Here is our commitment:

  • We commit to listen and learn and then amplify the voices driving change for the better.
  • We commit to championing solutions that support change and continually assess that we are doing enough.
  • We commit that we will turn our organization's core value - Open Opportunities - into measurable actions in our community because #BlackLivesMatter.

You are a part of the Embarc Collective community because you are working to make the world better with your business. We all have a responsibility and an opportunity—how you run and build your company is a strong reflection of how you are helping to create an equitable world. As an entrepreneur, you have incredible power and influence to drive positive change. From how you hire your team, to how you present your business to the world, to how you treat your stakeholders are all reflections of the future world you want to create.

Your role in pushing progress will be highly individual. We encourage you to take this time to learn, support and reflect on the individual ways you can make positive change.

– The Embarc Collective Team


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