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What is Embarc Collective?

Embarc Collective is an education nonprofit that helps Tampa Bay's startup talent build bold, scalable, thriving companies.

The model behind Embarc Collective's offering is hands-on support and driven by the specific goals and needs of each member startup. Member companies receive customized, on-going coaching from their assigned Executive Advisor, an experienced startup operator serving on the Embarc Collective team, and function-specific support from Embarc Collective's on-staff specialists. Member companies are also invited to tailored, hands-on small-group sessions to help propel their company's growth.

All of this support is provided inside Embarc Collective's 32,000 square-foot physical space located in downtown Tampa.

In addition to serving as the home to our member community, Embarc Collective offers spaces for the Tampa Bay community to host large-scale programming on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, providing a central landing zone for the Tampa Bay startup community.

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What are some ways that Embarc Collective supports member startups?

  • On-going coaching from an Embarc Collective Executive Advisor, an experienced startup operator who can help with business growth goals.
  • Access to a team of specialists from Embarc Collective, in collaboration with their Executive Advisor, who can help with function-specific goals (e.g., sales & customer pipeline development, marketing, PR, content development, talent strategy, data & insights management, product, investor prospecting).
  • Weekly function-specific programming led by local and national industry experts — all designed to boost the skills of the whole team.
  • A community of other builders who share the willingness to learn what is new and untested.
  • Access to our 32,000 square foot state-of-the-art space, which creates the right environments for the community to build, learn and collaborate together.

Learn more about membership here.

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What is an Executive Advisor?

We match each founder with an Executive Advisor based on expertise, industry and learning/communication style. The Executive Advisor is a member of the Embarc Collective team—trained on a milestone-focused methodology to provide consistent, customized, quality support to push your business forward. This support is defined by the specific needs of your startup. The Executive Advisor will help you navigate through immediate growth priorities and assist you with a plan for long-term outcomes.

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Do you offer co-working space?

Not exactly. Early-stage technology startups apply for membership. As part of your membership, startup founders, teams and talent have access to a state-of-the-art facility. Members can choose to have private office space or collaborate in our shared workspace. The Embarc Collective facility also serves as a central landing zone for the Tampa Bay startup community and offers spaces for others to host on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

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How do I qualify for Embarc Collective membership?

We encourage early-stage startups building technology-enabled software solutions to apply for membership. Our criteria outline the types of startups that will benefit the most from Embarc Collective membership. We evaluate each startup's potential and viability and assess if our support matches the specific startup needs to ultimately determine fit.

We review and accept companies on a rolling basis, which means companies that are offered membership can begin receiving support and access to our space when the time is right for their venture.

Apply for membership here.

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How can I get involved if I’m part of a larger corporation or other large organization?

We partner with larger organizations to help further develop our offering for member startups. Corporations interested in getting involved with Embarc Collective can inquire about corporate partnerships here.

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What is a Startup Hub?

A startup hub is a central, physical destination for startup activity in a region to come together. Because it serves as a home to the various stakeholders that are needed to help a startup grow (companies, investors, customers/users, educators), a physical hub creates efficiencies for founders and their teams to learn, connect, and grow in one central location.

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Can I tour Embarc Collective?

Tours are hosted once weekly, sign up here.  Tours will include an overview of the Embarc Collective space, key resources, and time for Q&A.

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How do I host an event at Embarc Collective?

Our event philosophy is to host events that benefit our Tampa Bay startup community from a brand, knowledge, networking, or talent perspective. We invite community members to host events on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology at Embarc Collective. To inquire about hosting your event at Embarc Collective, contact our Events Manager here.

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What are Embarc Collective's hours of operation?

For members, Embarc Collective is open 7AM - 11PM Monday through Friday, and 9AM - 5PM on weekends. The Embarc Collective team is onsite 9AM - 5PM Monday through Friday.

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What are the Endeavr Coffee's hours of operation?

Endeavr is the on-site provider of cafe beverages and food at Embarc Collective’s community cafe. The new cafe serves coffee, including nitro and cold brew, tea, kombucha, sandwiches, salads and acai bowls. Embarc Collective has partnered with Roberto Torres, owner of Blind Tiger Cafe, to develop a unique coffee concept designed with startup operators in mind.

The Endeavr Coffee is open to the public 8AM - 2PM Monday through Friday. Learn more about Endeavr Coffee here.

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What facility amenities are available to members?

  • A variety of spaces that meet the needs of all of your team members: we take personal spaces seriously, and our space is outfitted with a private prayer room, a nursing room, and a quiet room.
  • Plus, included access to functional amenities:
    • Conference rooms (reservable at no additional cost)
    • Private phone booths
    • Content creation studio with podcast, photo and video equipment
    • Member kitchen equipped with fridge, sink, microwaves, ice makers, and utensil essentials
    • Endeavr Coffee, our on-site café
    • Internet (fiber)
    • Printing (included at no additional cost)
    • Package and mail handling
    • Healthy food vending options and Bevi water machine
    • Janitorial services
  • Open areas with tables to stand and sit at and comfortable lounge chairs
  • Additionally, there is a 250-person event space, 60-person and 30-person classroom. These spaces will be utilized to host events and workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Members are also able to utilize these spaces for team on-sites, board meetings, customer immersion days, staff training, etc.

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Can I purchase a day pass if I am not a member?

We do not offer day passes for non-members. The café at Embarc Collective is open to the general public, and events open to the public are on a per-event basis.

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Do you have parking?

There are a variety of parking and mobility solutions available to members and guests of Embarc Collective. Nearby parking options have been aggregated and can be viewed/purchased here. We encourage all members to carpool whenever possible.

In addition to the Embarc Collective's parking website, there are several alternative options:

  1. Downtowner App — free service to transport you within the downtown area.
  2. The Cross-Bay Ferry — ferry service is provided between downtown Tampa and downtown St. Pete in the evening hours.
  3. Coast Bike (plus app link)
  4. TECO Streetcar (plus app link)
  5. Downtowner (plus app link)
  6. HART (plus app link)
  7. Scooters
  8. Water Taxi
  9. Cross-Bay Ferry

A bike rack is on the premise for cyclists. The bike rack is video monitored, but bike owners assume the risk of damages and theft.

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How can I get involved with Embarc Collective if I'm not a member?

Signup for our weekly newsletter, The Weekly Collective. Stay up to date with the latest member news and upcoming events at Embarc Collective. Signup here.

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Where is Embarc Collective?

We are located at 802 E Whiting Street in downtown Tampa. The main entrance is at the corner of East Whiting and North Jefferson Streets.

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Does Embarc Collective take equity in my startup?

No, Embarc Collective does not take equity in your company. Instead, startups are charged a monthly, subsidized membership fee for access to Embarc Collective's customized, on-going, quality support and amenities.

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Can I bring my pet?

Embarc Collective welcomes services animals. Due to building regulations, pets are not permitted in the building.

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Does my Embarc Collective office come furnished?

Members with private offices are furnished with powered sit-to-stand desks and chairs.

Open Collaboration memberships have access to a multitude of unassigned work spaces and amenities. These members are responsible for bringing their belongings on a daily basis as locked storage will not be provided.

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Does Embarc Collective have conference rooms?

Yes! Our conference rooms seat 4-12 people and are fully equipped to meet your AV needs. Members can book Conference Rooms any time during operating hours. For larger meetings and event, you can book any of our classroom spaces, which can accommodate up to 60 people.

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Can I have a landline phone?

Private offices are equipped with ethernet ports for VoIP capabilities but do not have telephone jacks. We do not supply phone equipment.

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Can I print?

Color and black & white printing is included in membership. We ask that members conserve resources and refrain from unnecessary printing.

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Can I receive mail?

Members can use Embarc Collective as their business mailing address. All membership plans will receive complimentary mail and package handling and storage.

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How do I cancel my membership?

Membership at Embarc Collective is designed around your startup's success — our ultimate goal is to support you until your team is ready to grow beyond our offering; that's a win for us. That said, we hope to keep you involved in the Embarc Collective community past your formal membership through impactful engagements.

The Open Collaboration and Designer/Developer memberships are a month-to-month commitment; you must provide a minimum 30-day cancellation notice.

The Embarc Collective membership has a 6-month minimum commitment; you must provide a minimum 60-day cancellation notice.

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Are there any additional fees when I sign-up?

We require a one month deposit upon joining. We hold on to the deposit in case of a missed payment or any incidentals. Deposits are returned within 45 days of membership termination.

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Can I bring outside food?

Yes. Members have access to the kitchen area, which includes a fresh food vending option. Additionally, food purchased at Endeavr Coffee can be brought into the members kitchen.

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Still have questions? Drop us a line here