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What is Embarc Collective?

Embarc Collective is a 501c3 nonprofit that helps Tampa Bay's startup talent build bold, scalable, thriving companies.

The model behind Embarc Collective's offering is hands-on and driven by the specific goals and needs of each startup being supported. Member companies receive customized, on-going coaching from their assigned Executive Advisor, an experienced startup operator serving on the Embarc Collective team, and function-specific support from Embarc Collective's on-staff specialists. Member companies are also invited to tailored, tactical small-group sessions to help propel their company's growth. Later in 2019, Embarc Collective will also open its 32,000 square foot physical space, which will provide a central landing zone for the Tampa Bay startup community.


What are some ways that Embarc Collective currently supports startups before the physical space opens?

  • On-going coaching from an Embarc Collective Executive Advisor, an experienced startup operator who can help with function-specific goals.
  • Access to a team of specialists from Embarc Collective, in collaboration with their Executive Advisor, who can help with function-specific goals (e.g., sales & customer pipeline development, marketing, PR, content development, talent strategy, data & insights management, product, investor prospecting).
  • Weekly function-specific programming led by local and national industry experts — all designed to boost the skills of the whole team.


What is an Executive Advisor?

We match each founder with an Executive Advisor based on expertise, industry and learning/communication style. The Executive Advisor is a member of the Embarc Collective team—trained on a milestone-focused methodology to provide consistent, customized, quality support to push your business forward. This support is defined by the specific needs of your startup. The Executive Advisor will help you navigate through immediate growth priorities and assist you with a plan for long-term outcomes.


Do you offer co-working space?

Not exactly. Early-stage technology startups apply for membership. As part of your membership, startup founders, teams and talent have access to a state-of-the-art facility opening later in 2019. Members can choose to have private, office desk space or collaborate in our shared workspace. The Embarc Collective facility will also serve as a central landing zone for the Tampa Bay startup community and offer spaces for large-scale programming on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.


When will the physical space at Embarc Collective open?

Embarc Collective's physical location, located at the intersection of N. Jefferson St. and E. Whiting St. in downtown Tampa is now open. Learn more about our progress here.


How do I qualify for Embarc Collective?

We encourage early-stage startups building technology-enabled software solutions to apply for membership. Our criteria outlines the types of startups that will benefit the most from Embarc Collective membership. We evaluate each startup's potential and viability and assess if our support matches the specific startup needs to ultimately determine fit.

We will be reviewing and accepting companies on a rolling basis, which means companies that are offered membership can begin receiving support before our physical space opens at the end of the year.

Apply for membership here.


Does Embarc Collective take equity in my startup?

No, Embarc Collective does not take equity in your company. Instead, startups are charged a monthly, subsidized membership fee for access to Embarc Collective's customized, consistent, quality support and amenities.


Still have questions? Drop us a line here