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Featured Founder: Mike Dannheim from Sensie

Welcome to our Featured Founder series, where you’ll meet startup founders from Tampa-St. Petersburg who are building and scaling their ventures to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. We interviewed Mike Dannheim from Sensie, which helps you personalize your wellness and gain meaningful health insights.

What were you doing previously and what inspired you to launch your company?

I was part of the teams behind two venture-backed startups (one YC and one Rocket Internet), I helped lead the international expansion of Groupon throughout Asia and prior to Sensie.

I was the lead for a corporate venture innovation lab that helped build a biometric payment solution for a cruise line in Miami, enabling travelers to transact in the blink of an eye. I advise and helped start teaching mindfulness and entrepreneurship to youthful offenders in the Miami prison system. I’m a meditation and yoga practitioner for over 15years.

What pain point is your company solving? What gets you excited to go to work every day?

We help creatives and entrepreneurs get unstuck, stay unstuck and access flow, and live a life they love. We’re helping to blow apart the narrative that you have to trade your life and health in order to build a startup. There is a better way and we’re exploring what it looks like - join us!

Our vision is a world of happier, healthier people creating beautiful products, services, and art that help expand human flourishing.

I’m stoked to wake up every day and work on a personal problem that I faced that is meaningful to me.

Name the biggest challenge you faced in the process of launching the company. How did you overcome it?

Staying unstuck and inflow prior to having Sensie fully built. We overcame it through a family-style team dynamic, openly sharing our truth and where we were stuck and supporting each other through clearing it. Really focusing on team > individual dynamics, we’re all in this together. Also invested heavily in coaches and my yoga and meditation practice.

Where do you see your company headed next?

1 billion people that are happier, healthier, and creating the life they want to live

Motion-based biomarkers for cognitive and emotional wellbeing - measuring the ability to stay healthy, so many illnesses and disease are preventable when we understand our health.

Give us a tactical piece of advice that you'd share with another founder just starting out.

When taking advice be clear on the questions you are asking and who the right audience is that should be answering, this helps clear the noise of everyone wanting to give you advice, brings peace of mind and clarity on how to proceed.

Why Tampa Bay?

My wife is from here, we moved here 2 years ago as we were having our second child and wanted to be close to her family. Tampa Bay is a great place to raise a family and build a company!

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