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Glaring Gap


“The Glaring Gap Summit was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I've always been interested in investing, but I've felt shut out in education and gateways to learning about it. In the Summit, we were treated to the top experts in the field and an A+ curriculum on how to invest.” - 2020 Glaring Gap Summit Participant

Our mission is to create a forum that closes the Glaring Gap—where traditional investment structures often exclude women, people of color, and otherwise underrepresented investors.

We seek to change that narrative by convening 50 current and future women investors to lead, fund, and impact the future of Florida.

The Glaring Gap Summit is where real conversations replace small talk and empty schmoozing. Over the course of three sessions, Florida-based women will deep-dive on why and how to execute investments.

Past Summit Speakers

  • Angela Lee, 37 Angels
  • Alexa Von Tobel, LearnVest and Inspired Capital
  • Samara Hernandez, Chingona Ventures
  • Cheryl Campos, Republic
  • Jan Seale, Out of Office
  • Jesse Dixon, Springtime Ventures
  • Julia Taxin, Grotech Ventures
  • Allison Barr Allen, Trail Run Ventures


You are a Florida-based woman that falls into one of three groups:

Accredited Investor

You are accredited by the SEC to make investments into startups and are deeply passionate about supporting the growth of your local community.

Emerging Professional

You are a junior to mid-level in your career and  interested in exploring alternative investment practices such as equity crowdfunding as a not (yet) accredited investor.

College Student Leader

You’re an active member of an entrepreneurship, investing, or business club, or a part of a startup at your school, and are engaged with the startup community at your university or beyond.


Intro to the Ecosystem

Who are the players in the investing ecosystem? How to partner with them to source quality deal flow? What is the difference between an angel and VC?

Due Diligence

How do you vet an early stage business model? What do investors look in for teams? How to think about the competition and market size?

Financial & Governance 

How to think about deal structure in terms of leading? Difference between equity and convertible notes? What financial & governance terms should you watch out for?

Valuation & Venture Math

How do you value a startup with little traction? What % is owned after each investment round? How to calculate dilution and what happens at exit?

Portfolio Strategy

What happens when founders raise additional rounds? How do you manage a portfolio of investments? How should you factor in crowdfunding and funds?

Real World Application

Apply learnings by writing a diligence memo on a real startup. Deep dive into an industry and competitive landscape. Receive feedback on diligence memo.