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Meet the Inaugural Embarc Collective Young Professionals Board

As part of our work at Embarc Collective, we get to connect with talented professionals across industries from startups to large corporates. In meeting with so many talented individuals, we saw an opportunity to create a bridge between the established business world and the emerging startup world. And with that, we launched the Embarc Collective Young Professionals Board in December 2020.

This is an opportunity for high potential professionals across Tampa Bay from diverse backgrounds and industries to engage more deeply with the future of Tampa Bay and the growing startup community, with a specific focus on creating a vibrant network of opportunities for top talent for Embarc Collective member companies and leaders in the business community.

Over the course of their term, these individuals will help connect dots for Embarc Collective member companies and utilize their unique position as leaders to enhance connectivity into the business community of Embarc Collective to Tampa Bay

"We saw an opportunity to bring in leaders across the region earlier in their careers to create stronger connectivity between the startups we serve and the local corporate world," said Karyn Rood, Embarc Collective Events Manager and Young Professionals Board lead. "The group that we have convened will continue to energize the growing Embarc Collective community."

Meet the 2021 Embarc Collective Young Professional Board:

  • Joe Bachman, Fifth Third Bank
  • Saxon Baum, Florida Funders
  • Cory Bernstine, United Soccer League
  • Stephanie Boussias, Hunter Business Law
  • Alyinth Bowen, Bisk
  • Blake Brunner, Kobie Marketing
  • Antonio Cotton, Bisk
  • Jennifer Crabtree, Tampa General Hospital
  • Beau Giles, South Tampa Chamber
  • Ishani Hewage, Kobie Marketing
  • Conner Hourigan, Beach Community Bank
  • Ishrain Hussain, Jabil Inc.
  • Andrew Jones, Drift
  • Katherine Labarta, Haneke Design
  • Michael Marraccini, Ultimate Medical Academy
  • Nicholas Outman, Hill Ward Henderson
  • Evaristo Palmer, Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Hayley Phillips, Diamond View
  • Will Shanahan, Diamond View
  • Andrew Simpson, Bayshore Solutions
  • Danielle Sly, Kobie Marketing
  • Chantae Still, University of South Florida
  • Dan Thompson, Vaco
  • Jesus Vidaurri, Tech Data
  • James Zebrowski, Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization, Inc.

“I’m excited to join the inaugural young professionals board with Embarc Collective! Being on the board will allow me to learn from some of the most entrepreneurial and creative thinkers in Tampa Bay," said Alyinth Bowen of Bisk. "I am looking forward to weaving my background and knowledge into a larger tapestry that promotes innovation, creativity and learning.”

"I am thrilled to join the Young Professionals Board for several reasons. It provides an opportunity to share my passion for technology and for this community in so many ways," Jesus Viaurri of TechData shared. "Being in the area for almost a decade, I have seen a tremendous shift in the tech scene and more so within the startup community and I couldn't be more excited to be anywhere else in the country. We, meaning Tampa, are truly reshaping the startup and tech scene, and I can only imagine where we will be in the next 5 years."

To learn more about the Young Professionals Board, reach out to

CEO at Embarc Collective Tampa Bay
Lakshmi Shenoy