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Introducing the Freelancer Program

Our vision is for Tampa Bay to be seen as a great place to build a business—at all stages of the startup journey. To accomplish this vision, we need a pool of diverse talent that can help move our startups forward with their expertise and efficiency. We believe that freelance talent — often outsourced by early-stage startups across marketing, creative, taxes, and accounting — as a critical part of this vision.

Introducing the Freelancer Program at Embarc Collective

Our Freelancer Program is a 4-week intimate workshop-style course led by the coaches of Embarc Collective. The program will train our strong and capable local freelancer network in communicating and serving the unique needs and challenges of the startup community to help them scale their freelance businesses.

Through this training, participants will become a part of our new Freelance Talent Directory to better serve our community of nearly 100 member companies and our national network of investors and partners who are hungry to leverage vetted freelance talent.

The program will take place from August 30, 2021 through September 23, 2021 and will be held at Embarc Collective, located at 802 E Whiting St. in Downtown Tampa.

We encourage Tampa Bay area freelancers who are interested in growing their business to work with tech and tech-enabled startups to learn more and apply here!


VP Platform at Embarc Collective
Allie Felix