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Nominate Your Team

Criteria for Membership

Companies must:

  • be building a tech or tech-enabled product
  • have a business plan with clear milestones for the next 6-12 months
  • demonstrate measurable traction, which could include: MVP developed, private beta launch in progress, product market fit identified, public beta launch, key hire made, paying customer, round of funding
  • work out of or be headquartered in Tampa Bay or Florida

Founder and teams must:

  • exemplify the mindset of our culture and community and are hungry to solve a problem, build a competitive product, and succeed as a business
  • be ready for feedback
  • work full-time on their business or have a clear transition plan to do so


A Note About Our Application

At Embarc Collective, we work 1:1 with each of our member companies to deliver customized, consistent, quality support. The only way we can do this is by understanding the full picture of your startup.

This application is designed to help us understand your startup’s offering, your business goals and challenges, and how Embarc Collective can best support you on your success journey.

Please take your time completing this application. Your brief responses should provide sufficient information that accurately describes where your company is today, not where you see yourself in six months.

Lastly, please be honest and transparent in your answers; it’s the only way we can provide meaningful support.

We review applications on a rolling basis and will reach out to you with next steps if we see mutual fit between your company and our support.

If you'd like to work on your answers offline, you can download a PDF version of our application below.