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Lessons to Help You Embarc on Any Journey


If we've had a chance to chat about marketing, communications, branding, or anything storytelling, you can tell instantly that it is what I LOVE to do. For almost two years, I've had the fortunate opportunity to build with so many passionate entrepreneurs and professionals who genuinely care about the solutions they are forging to solve the world's toughest challenges.

In this time, I've rallied early-stage startups to the finish line on key projects, helped them get closer to their why and ultimately they inspired me to continue pushing with an undivided passion to help build the magic we have in Tampa Bay.

Startup life moves quickly and in growing Tampa Bay, we are creating more opportunities for talent to stay and thrive in our amazing small, big city. I'm excited to "embarc" on my next journey with a blazing, local startup and plan to take so many wonderful memories and lessons I've learned at Embarc Collective with me on my next journey. Below are the most important ones that I'll always cherish.


Continue to Be the Light of Your Team

There are two ways of spreading light, you can either be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. What I love about the startups I've had a chance to build with during my time at Embarc Collective is they always, always find a way to shine. I believe leading with love in what you do and how you treat people will continue to open opportunities and help build mutual interest and care as our TB community grows. The positive light, energy, and attitude you bring to your work and your team inevitably permeates your culture, making those around you equally passionate to support what you're building.


Own Your Story

The Tampa Bay entrepreneur community is beautifully diverse. I've met so many amazing builders with unique stories that really provide color to how they've reached the point they are at now. These stories make Tampa Bay what it is. The stories of our founders help build a larger narrative of the type of entrepreneur who thrives in our region. Owning your story and encouraging others to own theirs is the secret sauce. Your story matters to everyone; from VCs, your founding team, the coaches and support around you, to the broader community and customers who want to be a part of your journey.


Be All Hands When Working on a Small Team

One of my favorite parts of building at Embarc Collective was the opportunity to work with a small team of focused and driven individuals who really care about Tampa Bay's startup talent. I've learned that on a founding team, you get to be up close and personal with the business objectives and have the chance to see your work make an immediate impact on what drives the business. Our goal at Embarc Collective was clear and we have always had a strong North Star to guide us. One thing I've learned is that when the North Star is clear, it's time to go all in. While you may have your defined role at a startup, I find that being all hands and bringing your special talents to the problem at hand helps the company go a long way. With that, I encourage you to jump in and lend a hand to your startup comrade and continue charging towards the North Star. I find that when you give, you receive tenfold.


What I love most about the Tampa Bay community, and one thing I feel is continuing to grow, is that as more opportunities present itself to build in Tampa Bay you don't truly "leave" the community #famforever. Instead, you move through, contributing your light, story, and love to the magic growing here. This is certainly not a goodbye, but more see you around. I look forward to contributing to our community in my new role and hope you'll stay in touch along the way.


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Communications Manager
Tyana Daley