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Embarc Collective

A revenue platform helping digital publishers grow by improving visitor relationships through adblock recovery, paid subscriptions, privacy consent, and more.

Meet Nathan Hagen, Co-Founder of Admiral

A cloud-based, pattern recognition and machine learning technology to seamlessly deliver photos to event attendees.

A blockchain innovation studio that provides specialized education, development and support services to a collaborative learning community of individuals, startups, and corporate partners.

Meet Rosa Shores, Co-Founder of BlockSpaces

An energy on-demand platform that allows utilities and businesses to maximize energy and balance the grid.

Meet SaLisa Berrien, Founder of COI Energy Services

An online education platform teaching the skills necessary to start and advance data science careers.

Digital platform that brings transparency to the waiting room for patients and improves care delivery efficiency for hospitals and providers.

Meet Kevin Makati, Co-Founder of DocClocker

Digital platform for healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and eliminate low-value workflows from high-value assets.

Meet Heather Ramadoss, Co-Founder of Edgility

A future of work company reinventing the way candidates and employers create meaningful connections at scale.

Meet Jim Schimpf, Founder of HireHumanly

A patent-pending technology that lets you automatically buy stock where you shop.

Meet Aaron Froug, Co-Founder & CEO of Grifin

Real-time 3D VR communications platform that allows professionals to seamlessly train, consult, and observe any time, anywhere.

Meet Erik Maltais, CEO of IMMERTEC

A real estate technology platform selling homes for as little as 2% commission via a referral network of top real estate agents.

Meet Steve Johnston, Founder & CEO of Ideal Agent

A peer tutoring platform for universities to activate their high-achieving students as a qualified network of peer educators.

Meet Samyr Qureshi, Co-Founder of Knack

Regulatory compliance management platform that simplifies internal and 3rd party risk assessments.

Meet Vikas Bhatia, Founder & CEO of JustProtect


A digital platform for employers, insurance carriers, and brokers to offer wellness solutions to their clients and employees.

Meet Ed Buckley, CEO of Peerfit

Data pipeline and analytics software that enables companies to unlock the value in their healthcare data.

Meet Jason Grinstead, CEO of Metasense Analytics

Platform for developers to connect any app, on any blockchain, to any device with one line of code.

Meet Michael O'Rourke, Founder of Pocket Network

VoIP provisioning solution that enables businesses to set up and manage all of their VoIP phones on one cloud-based platform.

Meet Steve Lazaridis, Founder of Phonism

Creating a digital marketplace for exchanging verified professional credentials

Meet Anthony Begando, Founder & CEO of ProCredEx

Technology and data-driven solutions provider for beverage alcohol brands, wholesalers and retailers.

Meet Alex Miningham, Co-Founder of Proof Network Ventures

Redefining financial services through socially impactful fintech solutions like Defynance, a student loan refinancing marketplace that uses ML & AI to deliver innovative income share agreements.

Meet Farrukh Siddiqui, Founder of Defynance

Geospatial intelligence platform specializing in crowdsourced drone and smartphone imagery collection.

Meet Bobby Quinn, Founder of Raven Spatial

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring platform that lowers the cost of patient care at home.

Meet Theo Harvey, Founder of SynsorMed

Developer and manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) for radiation.

Meet Oren Milstein, Founder of StemRad

Extended reality advertising and analytics platform with dynamic placement based on actual user usage.

Meet Lewis McClam, Founder of Viewz Marketing