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Milestone Moment: 100 Startups at Embarc Collective


Embarc Collective has hit one of its most exciting milestones to date. As of last month, we grew to 100 active member companies that are a part of this thriving startup community.

This makes Embarc Collective the fastest-growing startup hub in Florida.



Building a startup is one of life's hardest pursuits, and it's not for everyone. When leading a startup, there is no cushion to protect you from the volatility of your business. 

You feel the joys head-on from winning a customer, from securing investment, or from hiring a new team member. But you also feel the painful direct hit when a client ghosts you, when you hear "no" 100 times or more from investors, or when a co-founder leaves your team because of a conflict.

That’s why we call ourselves a Collective.

It is well documented that you have a better chance of startup success if you don't build alone.  Building around others arms you for the extreme (and inevitable) ups and downs of running a startup every day.

 At Embarc Collective, we believe you shouldn't have to build alone:

  • You should have access to the learnings of those building at the same time as you
  • You should have people to celebrate with when things go right
  • And you should have support when things go wrong

Reaching 100 member startups in two years is the result of the power that’s unleashed when you assemble an experienced, supportive, and driven community.

Beyond building this incredible startup community, Embarc Collective is making an impact on the Tampa community as a whole. With our high volume of startups, you all are leading our startup ecosystem’s transition from early-stage to growth stage. 

Thank you because you have made Embarc Collective what it is today - congratulations to your teams, your businesses, and your evolving journey. You are an owner in our collective success, and I can't wait to have more join us in our journey.

Cheers to many more celebrations to come!



CEO at Embarc Collective Tampa Bay
Lakshmi Shenoy