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See you around

When I joined Embarc Collective in August of 2018 (approximately thirty years ago by my count), I was tasked with making sure that we built a data-driven culture of measurement. Since then, we’ve delivered 2061 hours of coaching, held 92 programming sessions, and opened the door to the member space 19,705 times.

But metrics are meaningless without context, and at Embarc Collective that context is the incredible community of talented individuals who work so hard every day to build bold, scalable, thriving companies. It has been incredibly inspiring—so inspiring that I’m inevitably jumping back into working at a startup with my new role at Remote.

I’ll be taking many lessons with me, but chief among them is that the team you build with is the single biggest contributor to your success. My team these past two years has helped me push my boundaries, raise my standards, and execute with excellence. From the all-hands-on-deck effort of launching the space to the day-to-day work of delivering on Embarc Collective’s mission, this team delivers at a world-class level and I’m fortunate to have worked alongside them.

I will always think back fondly on my time at Embarc Collective, and I am truly grateful to all my teammates and EC members that I’ve worked with along the way. But, lest I give this post too much of an air of finality, remember: goodbyes in Tampa Bay are really more of a, “see you around!”

That being said, see you around!

Analytics & Engineering Manager
Fabio De Sousa