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Recap: 2021 Strategy + Leadership Summit

This week Embarc Collective hosted its annual Strategy + Leadership Summit, powered by ReliaQuest, for Embarc Collective member companies.  This was a full day of sessions led by executive leaders at ReliaQuest and created to help guide Embarc Collective members with their annual strategic planning.




Thank you to the ReliaQuest team for sharing your time and knowledge with the Embarc Collective community. As one member said: "There are not enough superlatives for the value I got from the day." Here are just a few of the takeaways from the day:


"Planning helps to architect what's possible" - Brian Murphy, CEO and Founder of ReliaQuest

This hit home - so many of us are creating new possibilities with our businesses. However, without a clear path forward, we are reducing our ability to build what we believe to be possible.


"You can only go as far as the people around you are willing to take you." - Derin McMains, Director of Mental Conditioning

We are all building teams that will bring a vision to life. We need to lead in a way that motivates and guides them to build strong solutions. That's the only way we'll be successful in our pursuit.


"Premature optimization is the root of all evil" - Joe Partlow, Chief Technology Officer, and Brian P. Murphy, Chief Architect

Each startup at Embarc Collective likely has a tale of how they learned this the hard way.


"The customer has to be at the center of all you do." - Alex Bender, Chief Marketing Officer

The customer is the hero of your brand story.


"There are few problems more sales can't solve." - Greg Farrell, Chief Financial Officer, and Jody Keeling, Vice President, Corporate Counsel

There is always a solution for the curveballs thrown at you. You just have to find it.


"You will not be able to sell in channel until you can sell in a repeatable way." - Colin O'Connor, Chief Operating Officer

Developing a repeatable sales process is the key to unlocking scale.


"Values and non-negotiables are the only things that won't change." - Abby Boyle, Director of Recruiting

Startups are living, changing entities. What you are building and how you are building may change, but why you are building should stay consistent.  To that end, ensure you and your team are always aligned with your values and your culture. Those will remain steady as you evolve.


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