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Team of People Working on Laptops


Embarc Collective helps Tampa Bay’s startup talent build bold, scalable, thriving companies. Our staff of executive advisors and function-specific experts deliver individualized support to startups inside of Embarc Collective’s state-of-the-art 32,000 square foot collaboration facility (space to open in late 2019).

Weekly strategy sessions with on-staff Embarc Collective Executive Advisors for founders to work on their business.

When building a business, teams spend most of their time dealing with whatever fire drills emerge that day. We call this “working in the business.” When constantly battling these urgent tasks, it’s easy to miss what a founder is accountable for to ensure the team's progression towards its growth milestones.

Startup founders are paired with an on-staff Executive Advisor for weekly strategy sessions to review the foundation and scalability of their business - what we call “working on the business.”


Technology moves too fast for a team to not have gaps. The on-staff Embarc Collective specialists fill the gaps that exist amongst early-stage startup teams.

The Embarc Collective team is experienced in the different job functions within the startup world, and their role is to be at the disposal of every company we support.

The team arrives prepped with a deep understanding of the startup and the tools required to solve immediate needs, making every minute we spend with a company valuable.

A peer community supported by local and national experts.

A vetted community makes it easier to learn best practices that help companies to grow smarter.

When we see a common pain point amongst several members of the Embarc Collective community, the Embarc Collective team will seek out the best expert—oftentimes from outside of the Tampa Bay region—and bring them in for a tactical, problem-solving session with the startups we support. We've also built relationships with startup hubs around the country to increase our peer network beyond the Tampa Bay region.

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