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Young Professionals Board

Embarc Collective helps Tampa Bay's startup talent build bold, scalable, thriving companies.

As Young Professionals Board members, you will contribute to building a thriving startup community and specifically serve as advocates for member companies and the organization at large.

The objectives of the Young Professionals Board are to create a vibrant network of opportunities for top talent for Embarc Collective member companies and leaders in the business community.

Embarc Collective Young Professionals Board Event

This is
your Opportunity

  • Create a meaningful roadmap to support Embarc Collective in its formative years
  • Develop a network of rising, motivated young professionals
  • Gain early access to rising tech trends and access influential stakeholders
  • Receive professional growth and leadership opportunities
  • Participate in local social and philanthropic engagements


How many meetings will I attend a year?
There will be 4 Young Professionals Board meetings each year. Members must be present at 75% of the meetings. Additional committee meetings and social opportunities will be offered to members.

What is the cost to join?
To join the Young Professionals Board, there is an expected fundraising goal of $500 per year. Funds can be given individually, through a corporate donation or match, or raised through a network.

What is the term length to be a board member?
The term length is two years. Members will be recruited every year so that terms are staggered.

What are we looking for in a Young Professionals Board Member?
You are a rising professional with 15 or fewer years of professional experience, are passionate about Tampa Bay, the growth of local tech entrepreneurs, and rising technology trends. Young professionals new to the startup community and non-members of Embarc Collective are encouraged to apply.

What professional growth opportunities will be available to me as a board member?
Embarc Collective hosts over 100 events a year. There will be opportunities to be an attendee or guest speaker at events.


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Apply for the 2023 - 2024 Young Professionals Board.